Tom and I talk about religion a lot – me being a Muslim by default coming from a Muslim family and him…believing in nothing and everything, a free-thinker. I may be a Muslim but I’m not religious, I’m not a devout Muslim who prays 5 times a day or eats only what she’s supposed to. I don’t believe in a God, though I do believe in a higher power. I feel that people shouldn’t be restricted by religion, that they should live by good morals, do things because you know it’s the right thing to do and not because you have to, cause the Quran says so. Even so, I have no qualms about marrying a non-Muslim.

Which is why, in this day and age, when I come across websites that just come off as vile, I can’t help but to feel…sad. I stumbled upon a site while I was Googling inter-religious marriages and there was a post that were somewhere along the lines of “I’m Muslim and my boyfriend’s Christian. We’re planning to get married and willing too take the relationship further but don’t know how to work the religious differences. What should we do?” And after reading that, I thought “Oh, that’s nice, they’re willing to make it work” but the comments that came after that…wow.

“There is no way to “work” the difference. A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man. If he accepts Islam wholeheartedly then you can marry him. Otherwise, there is no future between the two of you. You should not have gotten involved with him in the first place. I hope other Muslims will be warned and don’t get involved in these types of haram situations.”

“This kind of relationship only brings deep suffering and not just for the couple, once they have children, they are the main sufferers. You just said it “madly in love”, that is the first step for suffering, I am sorry to tell you this but this kind of love is infatuation, is not real love, and when you are at the point to go further, scares me, do you realized how much you can loose with this relationship? Please, think about it and be honest between you two, this will affect both of your roots and after the infatuation is gone, lots of suffering will come.”

“”God created love”. This is popular modern Christian ideology, completely false and created by deviant Christians who have raised Issa (pbuh) to the level of divinity. The children won’t be choosing anything, actually they would end up chossing nothing, be confused & and probably end up atheist because they are disillusioned by religion. Problems come in when parents live through their children & are adamant on forcing their opinions on children either by force, emotional blackmail or manipulation.”

It’s disgusting. It might be due to me being a romantic at heart, but seriously, the comments were all so vile. Do feelings not matter anymore? Does anyone care about marrying someone they love? Never, ever get carried away by religion like that! You shouldn’t have to live life regretting that you’ve lost the perfect partner in the name of religion! I know people who are married, who don’t share the same beliefs. I have seen marriages work out just fine when the wife’s a Muslim and the husband’s a Christian.

Religion is supposed to be “beautiful” and “peaceful” but dare I say, there is absolutely nothing beautiful about telling someone they can’t love whoever the fuck they want to. I’m just annoyed, probably from my own internal arguments and the fact that my parents are strict Muslims, not allowing me to date (I did anyway), telling me that I can only marry another Muslim. Well, you know what? GOD MADE ME THIS WAY! He made me in a way that I would only fall in love with someone who is not Muslim. He made me who I am. Muslims believe in qada and qadar, so I’m assuming God must have known that I was gonna turn out this way and guess what? That didn’t stop him from making me.

I’m very frustrated right now, knowing that there are people out there who think they have the right to tell people what to do. It’s 2014, shouldn’t we all be more open and more accepting of everyone else? Don’t go around preaching cause you just sound like an outright asshole. If 2 people “can’t” be married but want to, let them fucking get married! What is so wrong about having 2 people of different religious beliefs get married?! If people want to embrace Islam, they will! If people want to embrace Christianity, they will! There really is no point to someone converting unwillingly, just doing it to get married.

If God had wanted a Muslim to only marry a Muslim, or a Christian to marry another Christian, does it not seem that God only wants Muslims to get married and that marriage is only exclusive to them? Or just Christians? Or any other religion for that matter. Marriage isn’t between a Muslim and a Muslim (etc), it’s between two people.

It’s all such a crazy concept to me. I can’t accept the fact that mere strangers have the right to tell you what to do with your fucking life. Do whatever the fuck you want with it! It’s yours! Go marry a damn cow if you want to!


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