It’s so crazy that we’re already in the last month of June. I wasn’t even bloody prepared for June! I used to hate it when I realized how quickly time was passing cause I had so many things to do, I had so many deadlines, I had so many essays and projects to finish up, so many emails to reply to. Now, I don’t really have much on my hands. I love how I can take it day by day, not having to rush to places, not having to rush for deadlines. I know it’s not an ideal way to live life in Singapore but I like it.

Time passing by quickly also means that I’ll be able to see Tom really soon. I’ve been really excited about packing my luggage (I’m the most unorganized person in the Universe but there’s just this really good feeling you get from packing a luggage…like you know you’ll get to leave the awful place you’re at really soon! ^_^), excited about the thought of being able to parade around in sweaters and wooly tights (Singapore’s weather’s like “sweaters?! HELL NAW!”), and excited about being able  to go to the parks and feed flippping ducks and seagulls!

Work has been a teeny bit better. I’ve got tons more work to do now that they’ve fired one of the Directors of the company along with his secretary (he ran off with a $50k cheque! Why would you do something so stupid like that?!) so I’ve had to pick up the slack around here. I’m not complaining, I mean, I’m absolutely happy that I have actual work to do now. It’s just that I would much rather be in the North of Ireland than here~

I’ve just had lunch and I need to pee so bad but I can’t cause there are maggots crawling all over the floor in the washroom so I ain’t having any of that. I’ve planned on heading into town after work later because I want to spend more money that I don’t have on things that I absolutely don’t need (it’s a flipping gorgeous romper from F21 and I can’t say no).

I’ll be off now for I have a list of things to do (I actually do have a list) today but I’m gonna start by going on Tumblr for maybe 5 minutes (or 3 hours) depending on my mood.


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