Remember that one post where I was blabbering on and on about how I hated not having to do anything at work? Well, I let my mouth run off and guess what? I’ve been swamped with work the past few weeks ever since one of the Directors ran off with with a $50k cheque and my boss sent him packing (along with his secretary) so I’ve just been picking up the slack around here. It was quite rough at the start but it’s getting a tad better.

It’s been a good few months since I’ve had to rush to do anything so when my boss threw actual work at me (which needed to be done in 2 hours!) last Friday, I nearly had a meltdown cause I didn’t know how to get the things done and I was panicking (and I did cry. Just a bit though) but I got it all done in the end. I went home after that and had a nice long sleep that spanned for probably a good 16 hours.

It’s the fasting month and just to show you how unimpressed I am about this whole ‘not eating’ thing, I got my period the night before I was supposed to fast. Even though I can eat to my heart’s content, I haven’t been doing that cause I can’t bring myself to tell the people in the office that “no, I can’t fast cause I’m on my period” so I’ve been fasting in the office and they’ve had to put up with the noises that my tummy makes (how embarrassing).

Oh, yeah, IT’S JULY! 🙂 July means that I’ll be able to see Tom really soon! Like in 2-3 weeks soon! I’m so ready to bask in the cold, British air and eat fish and chips in the car and feed ducks in the parks and see Tom’s nieces and nephew and play with the cat and look at cows and sheep on the hills and bring the dingy out to sea ermahgerd I’m so excited to finally see Tom after 6 months!

I’ve also just received my pay so I’m gonna go book my flight now (I’M SO FLIPPING EXCITED!)!


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