Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I’m not, but when I woke up this morning to news that a Malaysian Airlines plane got shot down over Ukraine, I lost it. I wasn’t that…emotionally involved when the first plane disappeared earlier this year but I guess after following the Israel-Gaza happenings so closely the past few days, reading up killings, looking at pictures of dead children, my heart was slowly disintegrating. Now this. There’s only so much my tiny heart can take.

I’m terrified for the people of Gaza who have to live in fear every single day, I want to go to tell the Israelis to grow the fuck up and stop bombing innocent people. They say they want to stop the Hamas but seriously, I don’t think bombing them is the way to go. Even rapists or murderers don’t get killed when they’re caught!

Now this fucking plane that got shot down?! Are you fucking serious, world?! Who the fuck are you to go around fucking bombing innocent people and shooting fucking planes down?! WHO THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU?! Who gave you the fucking right to injure innocent people?!

“Oh, we just want to stop the Hamas but we accidentally killed innocent civilians in the process because we don’t know where to bomb exactly so we’re just throwing bombs everywhere.”

“Oops, was that a commercial plane we just hit with our missile? Oh, well, my bad.”

Fuck. I don’t know why I feel so strongly, feeling so saddened by all these. Maybe it’s because I live on this planet, I live among people who are stupid and have no soul, there are people here who have no conscience, who live for themselves with no regards for others. Why do some people think that they’re more superior than others, that there might be a possibility that they could get their way if they rebel and don’t back down?

It’s frustrating when groups of people don’t realize the sort of harm they’re doing to innocent bystanders when they go to war with each other. It’s fucking vile and disgusting and there is no reason why innocent people have to sacrifice their lives for the stupidity and cruelty of others.


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